Air supported domes
are chaper alternative to expensive contruction of fixed sports structures.
Adaptability to seasonal conditions
In summer weather, sports activities can take place in the open air.
Acrylic surfaces
are the ideal choice for outdoor as well as indoor sports.
Novak Djoković
We have built two Calypso sports halls for him to train in. The next ones could be yours!
Sport surfaces
Control systems
Outdoor swimming pools
Stainless steel products
Swimming pools accessories
Indoor swimming pools

About us

Years of Experience

We have been producing sports halls since 1995.

Electrical installation, measurement and control

We provide industrial and domestic wiring and installation devices.

Swimming pools

Our company installs a wide range of outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

Sport Halls

We build solid, inflatable and hybrid halls.

Different surfaces

We offer a range of surfaces for sports grounds.

Stainless steel products

We produce stainless steel gargoyles, winches, rails and other products.

Wide range of customers

Our customers include hotels, urban sports venues and world-renowned athletes.

We are improving

We are constantly expanding and improving our services.

Health spas

We offer saunas, whirlpools and other products suitable for wellness facilities.

Unconventional solutions

When faced with an unusual challenge, we’re not afraid to provide an unusual solution, such as connecting the inflatable hall to an existing building.

We are not exclusive to the Czech Republic

Our halls are built in many countries around the world.

Control of inflatable domes

We have developed the ARC system for the remote control of inflatable domes.


SK Brozany
SK Sokol Brozany, z. s.

"We confirm that the contractor Calypso Group s. r. o. finished all work at 'Two courts hall Brozany nad Ohří' properly and without defects or incomplete parts. We thereby recommend Calypso Group s. r. o. for future realizations of air supported domes."

Tenisová akademie Čelákovice, s. r. o.

"The company Calypso Group s. r. o. provided all contract relevant services leading to completion of 'Two courts air supported dome' in Čelákovice."

TJ Sokol Brno-Maloměřice
TJ Sokol Brno-Obřany-Maloměřice

"The contractor company realized installation precisely and in high quality. With its professional approach always helped with an advice addressing various detailed modification requirements of the investor."

Kostelec nad Orlicí
Město Kostelec nad Orlicí

"Excellent approach, fast and high quality realization of multifunction sports field in Na Skále and Kostelec nad Orlicí."

Project locations