Inflatable sports halls

Why buy an inflatable dome?

Inflatable sports domes and halls are a cost effective alternative to the expense of building a conventional bricks and mortar sports hall. Their main advantage is their flexibility - during the summer, sporting activities can take place in the open air.

We also build year-round halls using aluminum foil, which reflects the sun's radiation, allowing the temperature inside to remain cool.

All-round uses for inflatable halls

  • Providing cover for a range of sports pitches
  • Providing industrial storage facilities
  • Providing storage for agricultural produce
  • Providing mobile exhibition space and pavilions
  • Providing weather protection for construction sites
  • Providing affordable social housing for refugees and the homeless

Excellent adaptability in different operating conditions

  • Inflatable domes can be rapidly assembled or disassembled
  • A wide range of sizes, materials and technical equipment is on offer
  • Our PolarHall halls are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions

Value for money

  • Excellent price / performance ratio with regard to purchase, energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Long service life and warranty periods
  • Thermal 3-layer insulation and special ground seals guarantee low heating costs
  • The domes offer UV protection from sunlight at the same time as allowing light to enter - so you save on the expense of daytime lighting



Our customers

Some of the best athletes in the world use our inflatable domes.

Václav Šafránek

Václav Šafránek

Václav Šafránek, winner of the Pardubice Junior, trains in a Calypso dome.

Novak Djoković

Novak Djoković

World-leading tennis player Novak Djoković trains in his two Calypso halls.

Roman Šebrle

Roman Šebrle

Roman Šebrle, top Czech decathlete and world record holder, also bought a hall from us.

Airdome Remote Control System

ARC - logo

Our ARC application gives you full control over your inflatable sports dome from your PC and your smart phone.

ARC app

ARC is a unique system designed for comfortable inflatable halls. ARC monitors the key indicators in your hall such as the indoor, outdoor and entry temperature. One key damage prevention feature is that the operator is notified of any non-standard behaviour in the inflatable hull. An integral part of the system is the ability to control the operating parameters of the hall, including the pressure, the temperature and the lighting.

The ARC project is a novelty on the market. The development is co-financed by the European Union.

Logo EU

ARC has been developed in line with the latest trends in IT, specifically the Internet of Things and the use of Big Data. All the information about your hall is kept in cloud storage, and users can be provided with long term statistics presented in clear graphs. The whole system is user-friendly and can be controlled by anyone.

ARC - lights control

The system can show you your actual energy consumption over a selected period. You can also see the wind speed, the current air pressure and temperature, and the number of courts that are currently lit up.

ARC - energy consumption

The system will also provide information regarding maintenance, repair or service issues, such as the level of fuel in the backup tank.

ARC - notification

We continue to expand and enhance our ARC system, adding new features as we get feedback and information from our current users. Currently, we are developing our heating optimisation module using advanced machine learning algorithms. Deploying this module is expected to save you up to 40% of your overall heating costs.

With ARC you can have peace of mind in any situation.

Team Calypso Group Ltd.