Fixed Sports Halls

Classification by Type

  • All metal
  • Hybrid (a combination of sail and rigid construction)

Potential sporting uses

  • tennis
  • football
  • swimming
  • ice hockey
  • mountaineering
  • basketball
  • floorball
  • volleyball
  • multifunctional

Benefits of fixed halls

  • Short construction time
  • A complete construction solution with a deadline guarantee
  • Building on the experience of more than 50,000 implementations
  • The concept for the project is initially presented using a virtual 3D model
  • The interior of the steel hall contains no unnecessary columns
  • Large free span allowing the entire sports surface to be fully used
  • Emphasis on design and modern architectural solutions
  • Optimises natural lighting and provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties
  • Assistance with arranging and obtaining building permits

Why choose a prefabricated hall?

There are several advantages to using prefabricated steel halls in the construction of sports grounds, including:

  • Customised solutions, tailored to the purpose of the hall
  • Wide internal space without internal columns
  • Competitive price and fast construction
  • Good thermal insulation, acoustic and lighting properties

hala SHC Maloměřice

Steel structures have proven to be excellent for use as sports halls around the world. They were considered experimental to begin with, but their ease of construction and long life soon won over investors. Now they are used extensively for a range of purposes.

From design to implementation

We offer a complete solution for your entire project. Based on your requirements, we create a 3D design of the sports hall and, upon approval, we prepare the project documentation. The entire construction is supervised by our experts, who guarantee that construction will be trouble-free and your hall can be put into operation without any problems. We manufacture our steel halls and can guarantee fast delivery to our customers, even when constructing complex buildings such as winter stadiums or multifunctional sports centres. If you wish, we are also happy to assist you in arranging and obtaining building permits.

Modern sports halls

As technology progresses so do we, improving the materials and working methods that we use. We use steel structures with durable fabric roof and wall coverings to construct permanent sports halls.

Custom-made sports halls:

Sports halls provide perfect cover for sports grounds. Whether it is a winter stadium, a football pitch, a swimming pool or a climbing centre, our sports halls can be adapted to any requirements.

Finding the most cost effective solution

The ever-increasing demands for low building costs and attractive design have driven developments in the field of sports hall construction.

That's why, in recent years, you've probably seen plenty of tarpaulin halls consisting of a steel structure covered with double-woven fabrics.

This type of hall is a very economical solution.

Light-flooded sailboards allow the entire area to be used, giving space for an attractive and impressive architectural design. They are quick and easy to construct compared to traditional bricks and mortar. In addition, you have several colour options.


Our customers

We created permanent sports halls for...

SHC Maloměřice

SHC Maloměřice

We built a solid sports hall for the handball club SHC Maloměřice Brno.

Hotel Energetic

Hotel Energetic

We provided the four-star Spa Hotel Energetic in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm with a sturdy sports hall for all its sporting activities.