Swimming Pools and Whirpools

Stainless steel pools

These pools are made from stainless steel alloy, grade AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404). New pools can be constructed to order. When renovating older pools, we can only replace the inner shell of the original pool body. Pool accessories and decoration can be added according to your wishes.

Heavy duty DW pools

DW Delifol pool membrane allows you to create a pool in virtually any shape you can imagine.

DW delifol is a fully weldable PVC-P membrane reinforced with a woven polyester webbing. It is extremely strong and flexible with a high resistance to UV light, temperature fluctuations, fungi, bacteria and chemically treated water.

The antibacterial, homogeneous surface prevents algae and dirt from being absorbed and prevents fungi and bacteria from settling in your pool. For maximum safety, DW delifol can be given a textured, non-slip surface for steps and children’s pools.

Swimming Pool Accessories

Counter-current devices

This standard pool equipment includes two valves and a connecting pipe, which is prepared and precisely cut to measure for bonding.

Pool hems

Pool edge stones are designed to form the edge of the pool (a breakwater). This prevents water from spilling during swimming and also prevents pollution from the area surrounding the pool. They are an integral part of every pool.

Water treatment

We offer sand filtration or chemical preparations for water treatment.

  • Pool chemistry and minichemistry
  • Water testers
  • Semi-automatic dispensers
  • Liquid pool chemistry

Stainless steel pool ladders

These superb pools have beautiful 3D surfaces, detailed processing, simple assembly and a 20 year warranty.

These superb pools have beautiful 3D surfaces, detailed processing, simple assembly and a 20 year warranty. We are certified producers of anti-skidding stainless steel pool staircases (classes B and C according to ČSN EN 13451-1, DIN 51097).

Garden shower

The solar-heated garden shower uses an alternative source of energy, solar radiation, making it an ecological, inexpensive and comfortable source of hot water. The water is heated by solar radiation in the storage tank, which is both a solar collector and a self-supporting shower structure.


Dehumidifiers are essential for indoor pools where there is no ventilation. They can also be used in saunas, spas, archives, museums, computing centres, warehouses, kitchens, laundries, etc. They remove air humidity and prevent condensation from forming on windows, doors and walls. This prevents mould formation.

Solar Collectors

Using solar energy to heat water

The Ocean system's advantages:

The Ocean solar heating system for swimming pools

  • Modular system
  • Simple self-assembly - minimum weight - exact size
  • Collector arrays can be assembled on the designated area in a variety of ways
  • Can be mounted horizontally or in a perpendicular position (on a flat roof, wall or fence)
  • You can add to the collector array in the future to increase output
  • High efficiency
  • The pool water flows across the entire collector area (no exchange is necessary)
  • Optimal use of the sun's energy
  • Frost-resistant material - tested by TÜV
  • Made in Germany

Technical information:

  • Made of high molecular polyethylene HDPE
  • Small pressure drops of 0.003 bar at 200 l / h / m 2
  • Recommended flow rate approx. 50-250 l / h / m 2
  • Water volume 6 l / m 2
  • Empty collector weight approx. 6 kg / m 2
  • Full collector weight approximately 12 kg/m2
  • Test pressure 4,5 bar
  • Operating pressure 1.2 bar at 40 ° C
  • The material is resistant to temperatures between -50 ° C to + 115 ° C
  • Maximum efficiency - maximum power 0.8 kWh / m 2
  • Average power 0.5-0.6 kW / m 2
  • Non-corrosive material
  • Resistant to regular concentrations of chemicals in pool water
  • Cleanable surface
  • Completely frost-resistant (important for flat roofs)
  • High efficiency

Hotel Kraskov

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  • Chemical service for family pools
  • Spare parts for swimming pools
  • Pool accessories (filter sand, thermometer, vacuum cleaners, hoses, etc.)

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